Find yourself at sea.

Discover and build local sailing communities at home or overseas and sail (almost) anything.

What is Tendrr?

Sailors in demand.

Tendrr is a platform for finding and building local sailing communities and the most comprehensive network for unique sailing opportunities. Working with both private boat owners and professional outfits we connect people with boats; everything from local events to global races.

What are crews?

Sailing curated.

Crews are online communities of sailors, organised around shared interests, abilities and geographies. People use Crews to access these communities and reach trusted groups of sailors, making finding the right person simple. Discover your Crews, connect with other people who sail the same way you do and make sailing happen with instant notifications.

What are tags?

Grassroots sailing.

Accessibility is at the heart of the Tendrr experience. By enabling individuals to demonstrate what they know rather than who they know, we encourage the sport to become more diverse by defining clear pathways that generate more inclusive opportunities. Tag your experience by logging past trips or adding qualifications... even score yourself as a sailor and sail further.

How Tendrr works in 3 steps.

Discover your Crews.

Check out what’s going on anywhere in the world and find local sailing communities, we call Crews. You can search by name, location or just explore the coast using the map.

Join the conversation.

Become a part of these communities and connect with other people who sail the same way you do, creating more opportunity to get out on the water.

Make sailing happen.

Once you’re in, we’ll let you know when opportunities are created in any of your Crews and you can get in touch directly with the owners.

What does this mean for me?

Owners x Inviduals

By connecting people with boats and each other, we create more opportunity for everybody to get out on the water. Start your own Crew and sail more with your friends or discover local Crews and sail further with new ones.

Teams x Events

From Olympians to beginners we operate at every level to help everyone do more. Draw from our community of sailors or pool existing talent and build winning Crews that compete at the highest level across the season.

Clubs x Classes

Sailing is more than just a sport, it’s about community which is at the heart of the Tendrr experience. Via Crews we make it easier to find out what’s on and get involved, helping local sailing communities to reach the next generation of sailors.

Gigs x Commercial

Creating new pathways into the sport means we can put you in touch with more people from different walks of life. Through carefully curated Crews - spanning delivery gigs to team trials - we make finding the right people easy.

Brands x Associations

Everyone should have the access, choice and opportunity to get on the water. By joining our fleet of influencers you can help shape the change, build international engagement and get more people on the water, everywhere.

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