Find yourself at sea.

Discover and build local sailing communities at home or overseas and sail (almost) anything.

Our mission

Get more people on the water.

Tendrr is a growing community of good-natured people and the most comprehensive resource for unique sailing opportunities. By connecting people with boats and each other, Tendrr works to support those who care for the sea and get more people out on the water. We do this because we believe humans in nature bring out the best of human nature.

Our values

Build resilient communities.

We optimise for the good of our community and our many interconnected ecosystems. We intentionally create an environment of trust and respect. We elevate and protect diversity as a strength.

Never stop listening.

We are only here because of what you have told us. We bring positivity and gratitude, especially when things are hard. We know when to ask our friends for help. We are resilient and adaptable to ever-changing terrain... we don’t disrupt we optimise.

Always be plain sailing.

We are welcoming by design. We love detail not technicalities. We don’t over complicate to be more inclusive. We achieve more with less by keeping it simple, wherever possible. We are creative and resourceful.

Keep a deep and inclusive bench.

We are transparent to gain a fresh perspective. We know our differences make us stronger and more interesting. We bring people together around shared values. We feel that belonging makes us work harder. We take action instead of just talking about it.

Our story

It started on dry land

Sat seaside somewhere in Stockholm we were suddenly heckled by a scandinavian man attempting to commodere us on his boat. After some confusion it dawned on us that here was a man at the height of summer who needed a hand, and we offered ours readily.

It turned out this sort of thing happens frequently, so frequently that people often come down to the dock (... sometimes clutching a bottle of something) on the off chance that they too might get out on the water. This was our realisation that there were amazing opportunities to be had but bizzare inefficiencies preventing everybody from doing what they wanted to do; go sailing.

In this age of instant connectivity we felt we might be able to improve this age-old tradition and armed with our intimate anecdote we returned home to London to find out more.

Since then we have spoken to everyone - tinkers, tailors, sailors, pirates, mates, managers, squads and gangs... we’ve listened to many stories and are still learning a lot but we’re proud to bring to you Tendrr - a platform for sailors.

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