Want more? Tag your experience.

Log past trips, add qualifications... even score yourself as a sailor and make sailing happen.

What are Tags?

Tags are a simple and effective way to showcase your abilities to other Tendrr users, such as your peers, boat owners and even team managers. They are designed to welcome more people to the sport and to give all sailors a score which is portable all around the globe.

You can earn tags by adding past trips, whether that be qualifications you’ve completed, routes you’ve sailed or events you’ve competed at ...and placed. Once you’ve added a tag to your profile you can invite friends to validate them to reinforce their weighting; we call this vouching.

Vouched for tags contribute to the strength of your profile, helping you to build your sailing brand, engage your network and increase the likelihood that you'll be discovered for opportunities related to the skills you possess.

How tags work in 3 steps?


Decide which trips define you best so you can attract the right opportunity. Where have you sailed? Who have you sailed with? Which events have you competed at together?


If you log a trip that is ‘part of an event’ you can score yourself by position, strategy or equipment using our predefined scale; to get everyone on the same page.


Once you’ve decided what works best for you, your tags can be vouched for by the people you sailed with to reinforce their weight and help you to demonstrate genuine ability.