Sailing Curated.

Start your own crew, get notified when opportunities land and make sailing happen.

What are crews?

Crews are used to organise online groups of sailors around shared interests, whether that be Wednesday night racing, Atlantic crossings or even just a boat.

They are your route to quickly building trusted networks that can be accessed by individuals and owners alike; by making it simple to find the right person, everyone gets to do more.

Post opportunities, create trips, promote events... or pool talent - how you inspire people with your crew is completely up to you.

How crews works in 3 steps.


Decide what defines the crew so you can attract the right people. What's the purpose of your crew? Who should join? What will you do together?


Set the scene with some options that work for the crew. Who will be able to post opportunities? What type of trips suit - paid gigs, free / bed + board or spots for sale?


Is anyone free to join or would you prefer it if they asked first? If privacy is important to the crew you can make it 'invite only' and add friends via email.