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The Hamble Winter Series

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Creator Rob CotterillView
Type Racing
Start date 11th Nov 2018
Finish date 2nd Dec 2018
Origin Hamble-le-Rice, UK
Destination Hamble-le-Rice, UK

The Hamble Winter Series runs every Sunday from the 7th October to the 2nd December. (with a break on the 4th November)

I'm planning on doing all of them plus the IRC Autumn championships on the 6-7 October

so that's:

6/10 -7/10








There's 3 races on Saturday 6th October.

The October Sundays have two races each. The November Sundays have one race each.

I'm looking for a consistent core crew throughout the series: Please contact me if you'd like to join us. Preference given to those who can make more than one Sunday - ideally all eight weekends.

For the Sundays, it's possible to just spend the day at the regatta: the start is at 10:30, so we'll be leaving the dockside at 08:30, so an early start will get you there in time. We should be done and dusted by mid afternoon, so you can get home in time for the Sunday evening email catch-up. If the early start doesn't appeal, we'll be down there on Saturday evening for dinner, and there should be a bunk on board for you and your sleeping bag.

I'm charging £90 each for each of the Sundays, £160 for the first weekend, or £500 each for the whole series.

This is to cover breakfast and lunch on board, as well as wear, tear, repairs and upgrades on Mojo,

Crew Wanted


3 of 3 berths available



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Introduce yourself to the skipper to let them know about your sailing background.

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Trip boat

Name Mojo risin'
Total Berths 8
Home Port Hamble-le-Rice, UK
Model J/109
Coded No