RORC | Cherbourg Race | Volvo 70

Trip Details

Creator Telefonica BlackView
Type Racing
Start date 4th Sep 2020
Finish date 6th Sep 2020
Destination - A Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, UK
Destination - B Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, UK

We will have a thrilling night sail and have to be on our toes as there will be strong competition. We will be achieving approximately 110nms. After crossing the finish line, we will end the race in the stunning walled town of Cherbourg, which after a hard race is a welcome treat!

After enjoying the hospitality that France is famous for, we will then take a gentle cruise back to Krakens home port at Gunwharf Quays, giving us time to reflect on the amazing adventure we've all just been on!

This race is usually a seasons points decider so all is up for grabs

The Boat - Kraken (ex Telefonica Black, Volvo 70) is a stripped out racing boat with very few luxuries, so please expect high side hot bunking, freeze dried food – as the galley consists of a sink and 1 camping stove for boiling water and a very exciting gimbled heads! On Kraken we like to be fully inclusive and give amateur sailors the chance to participate in all aspects of sailing the boat – we can assure you; you will not just be sitting on the rail

Class Volvo Ocean
Related Event RORC Cherbourg Race

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Trip Boat

Name Kraken
Total Berths 12
Home Port Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, UK
Model Volvo Open 70
Coded Yes
Area Category 2