Orkneys, Fair Isle and Shetland

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Creator Paul jacksonView
Type Milebuilding
Start date 12th Jul 2020
Finish date 25th Jul 2020
Origin Kirkwall, UK
Destination Kirkwall, UK

Orkneys, Fair Isle, Shetlands-Kirkwall—12th July to 25th July

Our aim is to sail round Shetland and back to Orkney taking in Fair Isle,

The round trip could be a short as 280NM but we are likely to sail considerably further possibly going out round Foula the most westerly of the Shetland Isles with its dramatic cliffs and bird life. Scalloway is a likely stop and we may well eat at the restaurant in the North Atlantic Fisheries College to see if as good as last time is.

Two or Three longish days or possibly one night sail but time to visit a few landmarks like the Broch of Mousa, the Jarlshof Prehistoric Settlement, Scalloway Castle and the Shetland Bus memorial.

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Trip boat

Name Wild Spirit
Total Berths 8
Home Port Lymington, UK
Model Jeanneau
Coded Yes
Area Category 2