Rolex Giraglia

07 Jun 15 Jun, 2019

Giraglia, Corsica

A series of inshore and offshore races based from Giraglia in Corsica but also taking in the south coast of mainland France from Sanremo to Saint Tropez

Sanremo - Saint Tropez: start on Friday, June 7

Saint Tropez: inshore races commencing on Sunday, June 9, through Tuesday, June 11

Rolex party and inshore price living ceremony in Saint Tropez on Tuesday, June 11

Giraglia race: start on Wednesday, June 12

Finish line in Monaco

Price living ceremony on Saturday, June 15, at the Yacht Club de Monaco

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Crewing Opps


Milebuilder - Mahon - San Remo

Rolex Giraglia

02 Jun 06 Jun, 2019
6 crew required



Giraglia Cup

Rolex Giraglia

02 Jun 20 Jun, 2019
6 crew required



San Remo - St Tropez

Rolex Giraglia

07 Jun 08 Jun, 2019
6 crew required


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