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Contessa 32

When Jeremy Rogers and David Sadler created their first sketches of a modest, affordable, sailing boat, little did they suspect that their offspring would, almost half a century later, still be turning heads, and sailing around the world, let alone still being produced. Their design, like so many great designs, proves the axiom: if it looks right, it probably is right.

Good looks, rugged strength, and excellent sailing qualities co-exist in the Contessa as in few other yachts before or since. Few other craft have ever inspired such affection amongst past and present owners and crew.

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Contessa 32 Nationals

04 Oct 06 Oct, 2019

National Championship for the Contessa 32 Class Association, held at the Island Sailing Club in...


RORC Cervantes Trophy Race

08 May 08 May, 2020

The first offshore race of the domestic season finishes in the second busiest port in France, Le...