Eights”, as 8-Metre Class boats are commonly known, are part of an international family of elegant racing keelboats built in conformity with the International Rule, also known as the Metre Rule, which was adopted within Europe in 1907. The most popular classes are the Twelves (adopted for the America’s Cup series from 1958 to 1987), Eights and Sixes. The Daring Class boats, based in Cowes, are a strict one-design version of 5.5-Metre boats and the tiny one-man, one-design Illusion Class boats, raced mainly at Bembridge, Isle of Wight, are based on a 2.4-Metre scaled-down version of the 12-Metre Lionheart.

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8mR events


Panerai British Classic Week

13 Jul 20 Jul, 2019

The Gentleman's Regatta

Sailing Event

8mR World Cup

20 Jul 27 Jul, 2019

World Championship of the 8 Metre Class Association.


Taittinger Regatta

26 Jul 28 Jul, 2019

Champagne and Sailing. Now in its 11th year, it’s no wonder the Royal Solent's Tattinger Regatta...